7 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Bamboo Fabric

7 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Bamboo Fabric

Traditionally, we’ve always thought of cotton as the best material for us and our families. We think of it as pure and ecologically friendly. However, many people are discovering Bamboo Fabric and making the switch. What is it, and should you be using it? Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is Bamboo Cotton?

Bamboo cotton is a fabric made from the pulp of the bamboo plant. In its unspun form, it resembles regular cotton as a puffball of fibers. It’s very similar to regular cotton in its composition, which makes it perfect for creating clothing and other materials from it.

More and more retailers are using bamboo fabric to create clothing that looks just as good as regular cotton. Check out this bamboo cami top or this fitted bamboo tshirt They look just like a regular cotton piece of clothing, and are reasonably priced too.

People are making the switch as bamboo fabric is said to have lots of good properties you can take advantage of. Check out what it can do for you below.

It’s Better For The Environment

In this day and age, we’re all looking for ways to reduce our impact on the planet. It can feel hard to do when it comes to your clothing. So many resources go into creating clothes that you don’t know how to reduce your consumption of fashion without shopping exclusively in thrift stores. Bamboo fabric gives you another guilt free alternative.

Bamboo fabric is much more ecologically sound to produce. Bamboo itself is a fast growing plant, and is easily replenished once it’s harvested. That means that you know your clothes are being created using easily obtained and replenished materials.

You may not know that regular cotton fibers are often bleached before they’re used to make fabric. Bamboo fabric manufacturers are now looking to sell their fabric unbleached, meaning it has a much smaller impact on the environment.

 It’s Super Soft

Ever bought clothes that you’ve worn and discovered they’re itchy or just plain uncomfortable? It can be down to the material used to make them. Even regular cotton can be uncomfortable, if there are sharp spurs in the makeup of the fabric.
Bamboo fabric is known for being super soft, as the fiber is naturally smooth and round. There’s no chemical treatment needed to create the fiber, so it’s great for people with allergies too. They can wear this fabric right next to their skin with no bad side effects.

Buy Sheets For The Best Bedtime Experience

Since you can buy bamboo fabric, you can of course buy bamboo bedsheets too. Those who are serious about their sleep have recently been experimenting with them, and thanks to their soft properties, bamboo sheets are the best to sleep on. They’re also great as they’re able to wick heat away from your body, making you able to get a much better night’s sleep.

If you’re the type that loves their Egyptian cotton sheets, bamboo is well worth a try. You may even want to make the switch for good!

 Bamboo Is Perfect For Kids

Hands up if you have a child that won’t wear certain fabrics because they don’t like the feel of them? That’s a lot of you. If you want to reduce the headaches when you’re getting the kids ready in the morning, then bamboo fabric is for you. Thanks to its soft properties as described above, you’ll have no problem getting your kids to wear it. It’s also brilliant if your kids have sensory issues, as the soft fabric will create less problems for them. It can be an excellent alternative when your kids need it.

Kids with allergies will find it much easier to wear bamboo fabric too. They’ll see less reactions with it, making everyday life simpler and much more comfortable.

As a mom, you can take advantage of this too. You can wear bamboo nursing top, for example, which are soft on both yours and your baby’s skin.

 Bamboo Is Antibacterial

It’s true! Bamboo is a naturally antibacterial material, and that property is retained even through multiple washings. That makes it a great idea for your workout clothes, as you’ll find that bamboo fabric wicks moisture away from your skin. As its doing this, it’ll kill any unpleasant odors on the fabric, making it smell much more sweet even as you’re working up a sweat.

Even if you’re not using bamboo clothing for your workouts, you can still enjoy the antibacterial properties. People who worry about their body odor have found it much easier to wear bamboo clothing, as the clothing kills the bacteria that causes odors.

 What To Know Before You Buy

These are all fantastic reasons to buy bamboo fabrics rather than other alternatives, but you need to do your research before you buy. Not all bamboo fabric is equal, and you want to make sure you’re getting the best.

Firstly, you’ll want to ensure that the fabric you’re buying is unbleached. Although most bamboo fabric is left as it is, some is still being bleached before it comes to you. If you’re buying it to save the environment, or to avoid allergies, this is important.

Also, some manufacturers are still polluting the environment when they’re creating rayon with bamboo fibers. You’ll want to check that your manufacturer is environmentally conscious, to ensure you’re getting the best bamboo fabric.

 A Fabric For Everyone

As you can see, bamboo fabric is a fantastic alternative for the whole family. It’s soft, comfortable, hypo allergenic and good for the environment! If you’re looking to reduce your impact on the planet, here’s your chance. Give bamboo a try and you’ll never look back.

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