All You Need to Know About Panty Liners

All You Need to Know About Panty Liners

You may have heard about Panty Liners from friends or probably read about it online. In case you are confused about how they work and why they are important- we’re here to spill the tea! Read on to know the ABCs of Panty Liners and how to use them:

What is a Panty Liner:

Think of a Panty Liner as a thinner, slightly smaller version of your sanitary pad. It looks the same and works the same way. It is like a low-key version of a pad used mostly to combat vaginal discharge.

Importance: Vaginal discharge is perfectly normal; in fact, it is your vagina’s self-cleaning mechanism. But on some days the flow is heavier than usual – especially after your period ends (ovulation period) or during a workout. Enter- Panty Liners. They are the perfect way to avoid soiling your underwear and staying fresh, clean and dry!

How to wear it:

Wear it exactly like your sanitary pad. Simply stick it to your panty and feel fresh and clean all day!

When to wear it: 

  • Whenever you start feeling moist down there, a Panty Liner will help keep you dry.
  • Wear a Panty Liner a few days before your period starts and after it ends. It will take care of the discharge or spotting, if any.
  • During a workout- heavy lifting, jumping and other activities can increase expulsion of vaginal discharge. Using a Panty Liner can make your workout session a dry and pleasant experience!
  • It comes in handy when you are travelling- this way you spare yourself from cleaning your delicates every day and retain fresh underwear stock!
  • If you are wearing a tampon or menstrual cup, wear a Panty Liner as a precautionary measure – it will take care of spotting, if any.
  • Hack: Wear the Panty Liner as underarm pads while travelling (especially backpacking)- it takes care of sweat patches. This way you can re-use your tees and pack light.

When not to wear it: 

  • It is advisable to take off your Panty Liner before sleeping. Your skin should be allowed to breathe properly at night otherwise you may have to deal with itching and rashes.
  • During heavy period flow, leave the heavy lifting to sanitary pads, tampons, menstrual cups and period panties.


  • Change your Panty Liner every 3-4 hours or when it is excessively damp. This will ensure you avoid unnecessary infections. Also, avoid its excessive use- don’t wear it on days when it is not required
  • If you have sensitive skin, wear organic cotton Panty Liners. Scented plastic ones can irritate your privates and lead to redness, rashness and itchiness 

Now that you are fully equipped with information on Panty Liners- take the next step! Try a Panty Liner of your choice today!

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