How to take care of your Undergarments

How to take care of your Undergarments

While it is your wardrobe that gets you all the compliments, your undergarments are the true heroes that work behind the scenes. It is your lingerie that makes you feel incredible and they certainly deserve all the love and care, maybe even more than your favourite pair of jeans and dress. And guess what? If you take good care of your undergarments, they might support you for years.

Here’s how to take care of your undergarments the right way:

Hand-wash your bras: We’ve all been guilty of throwing those expensive bras into the washing machine, but girls, this is a BIG crime! Take out a few minutes and gently hand-wash your bras to prolong their lifetime. Dab any stains with mild soap and lukewarm water, and rub it in a gentle manner. Do not wring the bra in a harsh manner to remove excess water; do it gently and then fold it against a towel before laying it out to dry. 

Use lingerie bags: If you are pressed for time and have to use the washing machine, put it separately into a lingerie bag to protect it from harm. Before you throw it into the machine, hook the bra so that it does not tangle with other clothes. Also, make sure to wash with cold water. The same applies to your underwear; follow the same procedure. When you dry, use the lowest setting or put it on a towel to dry. If you use high heat settings, it can damage the elastic or spandex in your underwear. 

Separate undergarments by colour: This is common knowledge that like- coloured undergarments must be washed together, just like other clothes. Like colours go together, because dark ones will always run. Now you know what to do the next time! 

Washing frequency: We know hygiene is extremely important, which is why it is COMPULSORY to wash your underwear after every use. With bras, it’s a different story altogether. Do not wash them every day since they need breathing space to readjust. Wash them every other week (if you have quite a few), so that they do not lose their shape and get worn out. We understand it tends to get all sweaty in summer, so the frequency of washing your bras will increase a little! Of course, like we mentioned above, hand-wash is the best way to make them last!

Type of detergent: Most of us don’t pay heed to this but believe us, it is extremely important! The usual detergents we use can be harsh on your pretty bras and polka-dotted underwear; in fact, they tend to break fibres very quickly and tear apart. With mild detergents, your undergarments stay in great shape and smell amazing, too (it’s the fragrance we are talking about!).

Store your lingerie properly: Washing is an integral step to lingerie care, but storing is equally important. Lay your underwear flat in a drawer, so that they have enough room to breathe. In case of bras, it’s better to store them standing up in a row, so that the cups are inside of each other and they do not lose their original shape.

Shapewear and tights: Why would you ignore your favourite pair of tights and shapewear? They make you feel great too, don’t they? With tights, they lose their elasticity pretty quickly, so treating them to a good hand wash certainly makes sense. Treat it the same way as you handle other lingerie, focusing on the crotch and feet, and then lay it flat when you dry. The same goes for shapewear; never ever throw it into the washing machine. After all, that’s the secret to a super flat tummy underneath that clingy outfit! Once you are done washing it, put it somewhere flat to dry or hang it properly on a rack.


While these tips will come in handy to keep your lingerie in great shape, remember your undergarments do not have to last a lifetime! It is healthy to replace your undergarments (especially bras) every nine to 18 months, depending on the usage and the cup size. After all, they support you every day and they deserve all the attention!

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