Spotting Before Periods & What Does It Look Like

Spotting Before Periods & What Does It Look Like

Your periods may not always start and stop precisely at the right time. In some case before your actual period starts, you might see some small amount of blood in your panty, also known as spotting.

Spotting is a common occurrence and does not immediately indicate that there is a problem in your reproductive system. When you first start having your period, your menstrual cycle may be irregular for a few months or even years. Hormonal changes in your body are still stabilizing and may cause spotting between periods. It can also be an indication of a low progesterone level. If your bleeding is not excessive or does not occur for a long time, it’s likely not a problem.

There are numerous reasons why you’re experiencing spotting. Most of these reasons are easily manageable with the help of your gynecologist.

So, when should you worry?

When you are starting, stopping or switching a contraceptive pill, spotting may occur. This is normally a low-risk reason and may be because you have messed with your body’s estrogen level. This typically happens within 1 to 3 months, until your body has thoroughly adapted to the new estrogen level.

Some spotting is normal within the early stage of pregnancy. In fact, about 15-25% of pregnant women experience spotting during their first trimester. The color is often pink, red or brown. However, if there’s an excessive bleeding with pelvic pain, you should call your doctor immediately.

When you’re approaching your menopausal stage, spotting may also occur. Because your hormone level becomes irregular, there are some instances wherein your body releases a small amount of blood during your ovulation period.

Trauma can also cause spotting. After rough sex, a pelvic examination or inserting a tampon, the tissue around your vaginal area or cervix may react.

Sexually transmitted diseases, such as gonorrhea and chlamydia, can also be primary reasons why you are spotting. If you have noticed abnormal discharges or painful, burning sensation in your private part, it’s best to seek a medical assistance as soon as possible.

These are just among the reasons why you are experiencing spotting. If you are bothered, visiting your OB-Gynecologist can help you confirm if the reason is normal or there’s an underlying medical condition that requires immediate medication or procedure.® is always here to guide you and help you with all your doubts! When you are spotting, make sure to wear a liner, such as the® Breathable or the® Healthy Fresh liners.

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