International Plastic Bag Free Day

International Plastic Bag Free Day

Most of us use plastic every day, the thin plastic bags used by nearly all retailers we visit. Whether we’re shopping for the latest Gucci or groceries, you can almost guarantee that you’ll be leaving the shop with a plastic bag packed complete with your new goodies.


Then, when you reach home, you’ll immediately remove them like a child unboxing Christmas gifts, throwing aside the wrapping with thoughtless abandon. Have you ever thought about what happens to those plastic bags? Has it ever happened to you just how many of them we go through, alone, within a year? Ultimately, to reduce single-use plastic bags globally, Zero Waste Europe’s Bag Free World founded the International Plastic Bag Free Day. The day is celebrated on July 3. The Break Free From Plastic movement is being conducted by global organizations to create a future free from plastic waste.

International Plastic Bag Free Day Meaning and History

Bag free world created an international Plastic Bag Free Day with a global initiative with the sole intention of getting rid of the single-use of plastic bags throughout the world. It encourages environmental conservation by urging all to stay away from plastic bags and instead go with eco-friendly choices


International plastic bag free day significance

International Plastic Bag Free Day is devoted to raising awareness about these genuine and crushing issues. There are many excellent ways to celebrate, and the simplest needs a simple resolution on your part. The simplest thing you can do is opt for paper or cloth over plastic or bring your own bags to shops to pick up goods. If you own a business, start a curriculum to inspire your buyers to bring in their own reusable bags and quit providing plastic bags. This International Plastic Bag Free Day 2021, let’s take a move that will prove promising for future generations as well. International Plastic Bag Free Day allows us to remind ourselves and others that each move we take, and every bag we dispose of, affects the lives of everybody around the globe for generations to come.

Effects of Plastic

Plastic pollution is a worldwide disaster, and sadly, it is an artificial one. Did you know that around 500 billion plastic bags are practiced on a worldwide scale? Just imagine how many of these cases will end up scattered around the earth. It is becoming an extremely harmful effect on the wildlife, environment, and indeed human health. The aquatic ecosystem, specifically, is suffering significantly as a consequence of plastic pollution. Thirty-one species of aquatic animals are known to have ingested oceanic plastic, while above 100 species of sea birds have ingested plastic artifacts. Around 250 species have become entangled in plastic, while involvement rates of around eight percent have been found in some sea lion and seal species. This pollution is also dangerous because it leads to invasive species, which can have a catastrophic impact on biodiversity. We are not exempt from the influence either. Plastic scraps in the ocean attract viruses, affecting us as the toxins enter the food chain.

What to do on International Plastic Bag Free Day
If you want to become more proactive, you can go to plastic bag free day to help arrange events, network with other human beings in your city and worldwide who strive to make a change, or discover an event to volunteer and support yourself! There’s also an opportunity to tell a story about a bag-free day to your fellow plastic bag-free groups! Among the most famous International Plastic Bag Free Day activities are manageable gatherings of people walking on beaches, roadways, and rivers and picking up all the trash they discover there.

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