Is Your Bamboo Toothbrush Really Eco-friendly?

Is Your Bamboo Toothbrush Really Eco-friendly?

Switching to a Bamboo toothbrush is one of the easiest things that one could commit to in their journey to become plastic-free and sustainable. 

Everyday, we throw away millions of plastic toothbrushes that never get recycled. Chances are that the first toothbrush that we used still exists, somewhere or the other.

Most of us have already switched to a bamboo toothbrush and doing our part.

But do we know that the bamboo toothbrush we use, is it really sustainable? is it really good for us and the environment? Is it recyclable ? what are the bristles made of ? What is that charcoal coating on bristles?

Unfortunately, lot of companies make false, deceiving claims that their bristles are biodegradable. Some tell you about charcoal enhanced bristles.

But the reality is, it’s only a marketing gimmick!

Beth Terry went on a mission to find more and investigated about “The Truth about your Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush” and shocked the world.

We too were shocked to know that the bamboo toothbrush brand we paid high regards to actually declined to comment when we asked what their bristles were made of and how true their biodegradable tag was.

But the good thing in all this was that found Brush with Bamboo. BWB has world’s first bristles made from plant base.

What actually impressed us was the honesty to say the truth that their bristles use 62% castor bean oil and 0.1 ounce of nylon and they are not perfect but definitely a step forward. BWB never made a claim that their bristles are biodegradable but recyclable and recommend to remove the bristles for recycling.

Smaller details like No Glue is used in boxes and they are pushed together like Origami or the handles are now Certified Organic shows a lot about the people behind the brand and their commitment towards the environment. With integrity comes trust.

And what we love now is that Brush with Bamboo is now available in Australia at leading eco-stores and health food stores.

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