What Is Sustainable Fashion  ?

What Is Sustainable Fashion ?

Sustainable fashion in India is taking an upper-hand, and for all the good reasons. Firstly, a few things need to be cleared out before we start going deep into this article. There’s nothing called ‘sustainable fashion’ in the world yet, it’s an ongoing process towards a better world, so each time by saying ‘sustainable fashion’ we mean ‘more’ sustainable fashion in India.
What’s sustainable? Something which is able to sustain. What’s fashion? People’s preference for clothing, shoes & accessories in the world. Simply put together, the clothing, shoes & accessory choices that are able to sustain for a longer period of time can layout the initial idea of sustainable fashion for you. But there’s so much more to it. Let’s find out.

What Is Sustainable Fashion?

You see how people cherish the sense of clothing from the British period, where all the college boys are in suits, waistcoats, long coats, and how sexy it seemed? It’s just a reference which you will connect to soon. Here, fashion includes clothing, shoes & accessories. But sustainable fashion, right now, is mostly focused on clothing. Sustainable Fashion refers to a movement where the clothing, shoes & accessories which are manufactured and marketed are done in the most sustainable way possible. The entire process of fashion being made from the scratch to the part where it’s worn, it should not harm the environment (or, harm as less as possible!), it should maintain a true sense of the social-economic environment as well. Let’s break it down. It starts from the field where pure cotton, hemp are produced in the place of nylon & polyester which eventually harms the environment as well as our skin. Also, clothes made from polyester may look nice & wrinkle-free but,
  • It harms your skin.
  • It has no longevity, as it can’t take sweat.
  • When you wash them, it affects nature too.
So using pure cotton or hemp is the first step of sustainable fashion. Then it comes to wages of the laborers, it should also be considered that they get paid with the right amount which they deserve. Then, it comes to the transport part which causes loads of CO2 emission in the air, so it should be done in such a way that it doesn’t do badly to mother nature.

Then, it comes to the part of the preferences of people. Here, people get quite a few options to choose from.
  • To prefer fashion which is durable and long-lasting. The only con is they need to wear the same designs for longer. Most importantly tailor-made clothing on demand (only!).
  • If not the first option, then they can swap clothes from the swap shops, or private swapping events.
  • Also, buy second-hand clothing, because, why not?
  • And the ultimate stage, where there are options to repair or recycle the fashion products, so that minimum fabric is needed to produce the new ones.

In true sense, sustainable fashion is less about fashion & more focused on how to make our ‘world’ sustain even better.

This whole movement altogether is called sustainable fashion. In true sense, sustainable fashion in India should bloom well, as this is a country of billions of people who is also one of the largest consumer as well as supplier of clothing. So tell me a better place to nourish such a meaningful movement and influence?


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