Why Wear Recycled Cotton Blend Products?

Why Wear Recycled Cotton Blend Products?

Recycled cotton is produced from the recovery of the unused cotton or the recycling of other pieces. There are several reasons why we say that recycled cotton is sustainable, even if it is not made of organic cotton.


Making a new piece of clothing requires a very high investment of resources. Therefore, in this case, although they do not come from organic materials, the recycling of these fabrics allows water savings and other natural resources, making it one of the most ecological fabrics.


Not only that, using recycled cotton helps to reuse fabrics that otherwise would end up burning or in any dump. The recovery of these fabrics allows the reduction of tons of waste produced by fashion annually.


In addition, in many cases, the recycled cotton is grouped in colors to avoid the use of dyes. This allows one of the most polluting processes in textile production to be avoided.


Now you know, every time you wear Sustainable Fashion made with recycled cotton you contribute to taking care of the environment and its resources.

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