Keep It Fresh Down There

Keep It Fresh Down There

Unexpected monthly visits, icky vaginal discharge, and the hot and humid weather that makes you sweat like crazy down there, it’s all pretty annoying… and gross. We feel you, girl. Panties can’t totally save you from fem-kulob,andthat’s what pantyliners are here for. Plus, they will keep you from ruining your favorite pair of underwear. Even at home, we still experience stuffiness in the intimate area fromurine leakage, vaginal discharge, orunexpected period. Panty liners are highly absorbent pieces of material that adhere to the inside of the panties and act as a barrier against a wide variety of vaginal discharge types. Panty liners are great for everyday use to simply feel fresher, cleaner and more confident, so you don’t need to feel uneasybecause of stickiness or discomfort down there.[1]

            As we practice good personal hygiene to protect ourselves from disease causing germs, it’s also important that we, girls, maintain proper feminine hygiene. Here are some helpful tips on how you can keep it fresh down there:

  1. Wash your vagina daily in the shower with warm or hot water and a gentle, mild soap
  2. Avoid feminine douche products, scented soaps, feminine sprays, and bubble baths
  3. Always wipe from front to back while using the restroom to avoid getting bacteria into the vagina, which may cause an infection
  4. Wear 100% cotton underwear
  5. Limit wear of overly tight clothing[2]

Feminine odor control is one of the most common concerns women have.There are different reasons why your vagina may produce a particular scent. Some odors are a normal side effect of the changes in your body during your period. When you are on your menstrual cycle, for example, the vagina produces a slightly metallic scent. Normally, the vagina produces a scent that can be described as “musky” when the body is cleaning up your system. Other odors, however, may indicate a medical issue, such as in infection.[3]

Neutralizing vaginal odor will restore your feminine freshness and help you feel confident throughout the day. You can use® Healthy Fresh Panty Liners to give you up to 8-hour odor and germ control, and extra freshness, for that clean and healthy feeling all day, everyday. Infused with natural tea tree extract to control the growth of odor causing bacteria. The liners have cottony soft cover for freshness and comfort, and breathable backing that allows air to circulate.[4]

Lastly, you mustobserve whichpanty liner works best for you. Because every woman’s body is unique, there are a variety of panty liner options to choose from.® provides a panty liner product line to meet the various needs of your lifestyle, from comfortable absorbency to discreet everyday protection.[5]

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