Why Bio-degradable Pads are Better than Regular Sanitary Pads?

Why Bio-degradable Pads are Better than Regular Sanitary Pads?

From being a topic of "TABOO" to being a topic of major concern, Periods and Sanitary Pads have suffered it all. 

According to WaterIndia.in a female has an average of  408 Periods and uses an average of 6,120 Pads in her entire lifetime and Menstrual Hygiene Alliance of India (MHAI) has approximated that there are  336 million menstruating women in India, of which 36% use disposable sanitary napkins  — that totals to 121 million women.


A mind-blowing number of sanitary pads. And also, according to the research these pads do not completely decompose before 600-800 years leaving behind plastic remains.

Sanitary Pads Disposable RecordsSource: Waterindia.in

These pads usually end up filling our lands and water bodies, leading to exploitation and pollution of these resources. Not only do they harm our environment but they also have a huge impact on our health. The chemicals infused plastic made sanitary pads can cause irritation, rashes, allergic reactions, and genital infections. In worse cases, can also lead to infertility. 
Female hygiene and menstruation are an inevitable part of our lives and so is the environment. While plastic and chemical-based hygiene products are available in immense quantities, a switch to a Biodegradable option is the need of the hour. 

Pee Safe has taken an initiative to bring in the concept of biodegradable products, to provide a safe and comfortable experience for both the mother nature and humans. 

Biodegradable pads are made up of bamboo, jute, starch, corn and banana fibre usually, making it free from any chemicals, parabens, plastics & dyes. This makes them fully degradable and decreases the chances of plastic accumulation. 

A few perks of using Biodegradable Pads are :

  1. Rash and Irritation free:

    The delicate skin in the intimate area can react with plastic-based pads, hence biodegradable pads are made up of plant-based products making them safer and more comfortable for use.
  2. Safer Alternative: 

    The biodegradable pads have been proven to be a safer alternative as plastic-based pads can cause infections and reactions harming the fertility of a person.
  3. Plastic-Free:

    As these pads are plastic-free, the risk of any health hazard narrows down to almost 0 and there is no adverse effect on the environment as well.
  4. Decomposes:

    Plastic pads take up to 700-800 to decompose completely, but biodegradable pads start decomposing within the year of use.
  5. Dioxin:

    Regular sanitary pads contain polymers that release dioxin in contact with the air, causing severe air pollution.
  6. Doctor recommended:

    The biodegradable pads are recommended by medical physicians as these pads are the most hygienic alternative available in the market. 

Switching from plastic-based products to eco-friendly products is a Win-Win situation for all.  

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